URL Rewriting and Anonymous Access with SharePoint – Part Two

22 Mar

Creating a New Web App

This post will step through creating the web app, extending it to have an internet zone and setting up anonymous access on the internet zone.

  1. Go into central admin and create a new site
    1. Leave the authentication as classic mode
    2. Give the site a name, something which will indicate that it is the administrative site
    3. Set the port to 80 and add the host header, something specific for editing the site, e.g. admin.geeksinsuits.com
    4. Under security make sure Allow Anonymous is set to No
    5. Change or fill out other fields as needed
  2. Create the site collection
    1. After the web app has been created we need to make the top site collection, click on create site collection in the prompt that has popped up or go to Application Management and Create Site Collections (Make sure the right web app is selected)
    2. Give the Site Collection a useful title
    3. For the template select Publishing Portal under the Publishing tab
    4. Enter the Primary and Secondary Admins
  3. Add the new site to the hosts file
  4. Extend the web app with an Internet Zone
    1. Go to Application Management and highlight the admin site
    2. Click on Extend
    3. Give the extension a descriptive name such as “geeks in suits public”
    4. Set the port to 80
    5. Make sure the Security Configuration has Allow Anonymous set to Yes
    6. Under Public URL set the Zone to Internet
  5. Add the new zone to the hosts file
  6. Set anonymous permissions on the internet extended site. Even though we set Anonymous Access to Yes, we still need to allow anonymous access to the whole site.
    1. Go to the extended site and log in (geeksinsuits.com)
    2. Click on Site Actions, Site Permissions
    3. Set the Anonymous Access to Entire Web site
  7. To test if the site is working anonymously it is easiest to use another browser just to access the extended site. If you’re using a virtual machine you can point your local machines host file to the site on your virtual machine. You will be able to tell if your logged in or not by looking at the top right of the site, this should say “Sign In”.
  8. Create our sub sites
    1. Firstly we are going to create another site for California. Go to the admin site, site settings and create site
    2. Select the Publishing site template
    3. Set the title to California and the URL name to CA

Do the same for Washington and give it the URL name of WA

Ok so how do I do the fun rewriting stuff? Next post… (Installing Rewrite module and making Inbound Rules)


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