Basic Starting Requirements

6 Nov

Requirements starts out with a notepad, pen and an attempt to not think about what may or may not be possible.

After jotting down notes for a while I have the base requirements from GISIT:

  • Home Page. Students need information rolling up.
    – This is a mix of personalised, course and tutor information
    – [Personal] A list of links linking to courses the student is logged in as
    – Personal] A newsfeed of the latest items relevant to what they are following
    – [Course] A list of the latest documents uploaded to the course sites
    – [Course] A list of upcoming course events such as exams or assignment due dates
    – [Tutor] Away today list of tutors who wont make class
    – [Tutor] A list of the latest tweets made by course tutors
  • Courses. Each course needs its own site to hold documents and events etc.
    – Information on the home page for a course will only be related to the current course
    – A course outline with plain text and a link to the full document
    – A list of the current courses latest documents
    – A list of upcoming course events
    – Currently logged on class mates for easy messaging and calling access (using lync integration)
    – Course discussion forum latest posts and comment numbering
  • Student Fun Zone. An area for student ideas and discussions that are unrelated to a course
    – A feed showing the latest discussion forum items with comment counts
    – A twitter feed where students can add their account for rolling up their tweets (or have a hash tag to get stuff to show up)
  • IT Support Page. Somewhere to get how to’s and ask for help.
    – A list of recently added issues with a status on where the fix got to and how many comments have been made
    – A box to add an issue directly from the page
    – A list of How to articles for common issues

From this information I can start putting together some wireframes by jotting down ideas first, then using visio to put them together in a tidier manner that can be used for visual design later.

The next post will show the wireframe first drafts.


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