The beginning!

6 Nov

I moved to a small city recently for a few months to relax and catch up on some things. One of these things is SharePoint 2013! My sisters partner works at a local polytech and they are wanting to implement a bunch of Microsoft products released recently, including SharePoint 2013. So this is a good opportunity for me to help out and learn SharePoint 2013 at the same time with a real case study. At each stage of the project I am going to blog about what we are doing and any issues we have come across, I will also mention things that I notice are different to SP2010.

I have renamed the polytech to Geeks in Suits Institute of Technology (GISIT) for blogging, all other implementation other than the name of the institute will be the same.

The Project

At this stage I only know bits and pieces of what is available in the new platform, so we are going head first into design with what we know so far and will tackle the challenges as we meet them.

Here is the structure I see this project running as:

  • Requirements (me talking to my friend and note taking)
  • Wireframing (probably wireframe around 4 screens to get a good idea of the system and for the visual designs)
  • Visual Design (Make stuff look pretty)
  • Somewhere around here do a SP install…
  • Somewhere around here put together some system/solution documentation
  • Implementation
    – Cut up the css
    – Create base structure of the Visual Studio solution
    – Masterpage and basic styling
    – Create site structure with Powershell
    – Create webParts and/or appParts (not sure which yet?????)
    – Create web templates (figure out if this is different)
    – Probably re-install the full version of SharePoint at around here….
  • Testing
  • Go Live in January 2013

There are a few bits and pieces in between the above plan such as figuring out search and things like Lync integration and other stuff that we haven’t foreseen at this stage.

Watch this space for the projects progress!


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