Wireframing and More Requirements

6 Nov

After going over the requirements again I put together some wireframes using Visio. I decided to do 4: home page, course page, student fun zone page and the it support page. Below I will cover each of these pages with the information about what the components of the page should do.

Home Page

Header Components

  • Global navigation across site collection if necessary. This will be a one level hover over menu.
  • Search. People search and search this site will take the keywords and send the user to the search center.
  • MySite – this will take the user to their mysite so they can blog or look at what they are following etc.

Home Components

  • My Courses – Shows the courses the currently logged in user is taking. Clicking on these links will take the user to the course site under courses.
  • My Newsfeed – Shows the currently logged on users following feed. This shows the latest 5 or so.
  • Latest Course Documents – This shows the latest documents from all courses the student is taking.
  • Upcoming Course Events – Shows the upcoming events for all courses the student is taking.
  • Away Today – A rollup of who is away today. Items that include today in their from and to dates will be included, once the end date is met the item will drop off.
  • Tutor Tweets and News – A tabbed control that displays twitter posts from current tutors. The other tab is a rollup of news items from a news/blog site at the top level.

Course Page

  • Left Menu – A list of relevant links set up by the administrator. This should show links related to the home page and any sub sites for group assignments.
  • Course Outline – This is a text area for a description of the course. There is a link at the bottom which will link to the actual course outline which will be uploaded into the course documents library.
  • Latest Course Documents – This shows a rollup of the latest documents in this course.
  • Upcoming Course Events – Shows the upcoming events for this course.
  • Online Class Mates – Shows the currently logged on users that are in the same course.
  • Course Discussions – Shows the latest course discussion items. This is the main discussion forum, the other forums will not be rolled up here.

Student Fun Zone

  • Social Feed – Shows the latest discussion items.
  • Student Tweets – Users can add themselves to the feed or remove themselves.

IT Support

  • Recent Issues – Shows the latest modified issues with information around the status and category.
  • Request Help – Allows a user to directly add an issue from the home page.
  • How To – A list of how to’s with a rating and comments. (Not sure if rating is possible yet????)

The first stage of wireframing is complete, any additional changes I likely wont re-upload, but they will be visible in the visual designs which is next 🙂


3 Responses to “Wireframing and More Requirements”

  1. Clare November 6, 2012 at 10:55 am #

    Thanks for blogging this – I shall certainly be following with interest as I think it is an interesting approach to consider. 🙂

    One issue I have currently with moodle is that students can’t see the courses they are not enrolled in unless they are made open to public – will you be able to build in that capability? I really need students doing the research paper for example to have access to the project site so that we can refer to stuff that their course leads on to.
    The other issue I have is courses disappearing – I know that students who have completed the research course for example often wish to look back at that course when they are doing their project. One of the things that stops me using moodle currently is the fact that once a course is not longer current it disappears – I need continuity!

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