Infrastructure and Software

12 Nov

Today I am installing SharePoint. Everything else has been set up by Ryan for me yay. Below is the basic infrastructure we have decided to go with, all servers have server 2012 as the OS.

1 Lync 2013 server

2 AD servers

1 Exchange 2012

1 SharePoint 2013

1 SQL 2012

SharePoint (a.k.a Sauron, 1 box)

All of our servers are going to have a lord of the rings related name. I chose Sauron for SharePoint as its massive and all seeing, also it is the main interface/portal users will be going to.

We are going to use autospinstaller to install SharePoint. This is an easy script to run, you just have to update some xml with your own details.

I am doing a basic install of just SharePoint and the service apps, I will separately script the content databases, web apps and site collections if we need some (at this stage there will only be one site collection). Visual Studio 2012 will be used for development, so I will install that on my machine.


Along the way we had an issue with named instances, “error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server“.

User Profile Service (UPS) – Running spautoinstaller the first time failed on the UPS, this may have something to do with the script originaly failing with our database connection issues. Once we sorted out our connection issues and rolled back and started the script from the start again it installed fine with no errors


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